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MEDITATIVE MUSICAL MUSINGS-Newest Musical-Themed Feature on A Bibliophile’s Reverie

The newest member of the growing Bibliophile Reverie network is aptly-named “Meditative Musical Musings,” a special area of this ever-expanding blog space dedicated solely to the latest inside scoop and examinations on different musical styles, bands, songs, and genres out there in the expansive music market. While some individuals may be a fan of a particular genre of music, we exist under the banner of celebrating the inherent diversity found in musical expression. We wish for this new feature to be complementary to the literary focus on the blog, so please do not think that this blog’s main purpose of being a book blog at its core is going away.

Instead, the newly-instated music features will always tie back into the literary or artistic themes or facets of a musical artist or band’s work ,which we feel that readers of this blog will have a strong interest in. Every album review featured here will always delve not just into the musical quality of the album itself, but the overall quality of the song’s lyric writing as well, among a number of other important features of the music

Is music and literature really that dissimilar? They are both different means of evoking the same gamut of human emotions that we, as humans,experience each and every day of our lives. Both music and literature rely on a certain form of  abstract language that carries different meaning and implications for different people , who are either observing a piece of art-work, reading a particular book, or in this case, listening to certain music albums. All of these things fall under the universal umbrella of “artistic expression,” meaning that it only makes sense that a blog that talks avidly about books also features articles speaking in-depth about music, as well.  Plus, many writers themselves rely on music to help exercise  their creative faculties, or to inspire the writing of a certain emotionally-involving sequence in their ongoing novel in works.

Besides writing this blog, I continue writing reviews for a fantastic, high-quality metal web-zine Sonic Cathedral (a web-zine that is focused on female-fronted metal bands), who I am d eeply grateful for letting me explore for the past four years or so my deep interest in writing about music in-depth. This wonderful web-zine gave me the unforgettable chance to interview several noteworthy musicians in that niche genre of metal, including Simone Simons (the vocalist for the Dutch metal band Epica) and Christina Scabbia (lead vocalist for Lacuna Coil).This review and interview experience was invaluable, but I knew that this ardent passion for writing about the many innovative genres of music out there would lead me back to this continually expanding blog.

At some isolated point in time early last year, I knew deep-down that I was going to have to carve out my own editorial niche of sorts to explore other genres of music on my own blog. This entire endeavor of bringing music onto this blog has been a very involving process, involving many hours of productive rumination over just how all this was ‘going to go down.’  I never want the musical aspect of this blog, to suffocate or destroy the core literary focus of the blog, yet I knew that including music-themed posts was something that was an inevitability.

So here we are at the tail-end of March, 2015, and I can officially announce that Meditative Musical Musings, a distinct, yet integral new part of this blog will proudly be able to be develop here into something that I aspire to make an exciting, passionate, thoughtful, and fun addition to the many other wonderful, neat features here that are  already a strong element of A Bibliophile’s Reverie’s success as a blog.

The musical features will include reviews of music albums (either new releases, retro favorites, etc.), written interviews with musicians, potential live reports of local music concerts, and more!

We invite any contributors with well-written, cogent, interesting reviews of music albums (of any genre) to submit their cleanly-edited reviews to

**Record Labels, Independent artists (indie artists, YouTube-based musicians) are also welcome to send inquiries about potentially have a band’s work featured someway on this blog. Please refer all such inquiries to my main email

Below, you will find the latest music related features from this blog:


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