I apologize greatly for my belated post. Lately, I have had a tumult of emotional stress within my life to deal with, so other obligations such as posting for CSFF sometimes neglected. But I’ve decided to post even if greatly postponed. Stephen Lawheads books were a marvelous read for me as I was able to embark upon a journey once again into his take upon the Robin Hood story, which I’ve found to contain far more realism than other interpretations of Robin Hood. There’s not much else for me to say as I wish not to ruin another person’s personal experience of the novel. Sorry for the lack of depth or any profound comments upon the writing quality. Perhaps next month, we shall be able to see a more fleshed out editorial of the book. Anyways for all those visiting my blog, please be sure to visit some of the other member’s sites for some more insight into the novel and maybe some music also to enliven your experience.

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  1. Thanks, Justin. It’s great to see you up and posting again. Hope the books are stress relievers not stress inducers! ;-)Becky


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